DCAT Validation

Validator that checks a given DCAT file conforms to an application profile.

You can find the repository on GitLab.


For the Dutch Government’s Federatief Datastelsel, datasets and services should be documented in a uniform way. To do this dcat-v2 will be used.
Dcat is a RDF based format, a standard for specifying structured and linked data, that forms a directed graph.


SHACL is a language for validation of RDF graphs, it allows specifying conditions that a RDF graph should meet.

Application profiles

Application profiles further narrow the dcat specification for use in specific use cases:

  • The application profiles for sharing datasets in the eu: DCAT-AP-EU
  • The application profile for sharing data in the netherlands, made by data.overheid.nl DCAT-AP-DONL
  • The application profile for sharing data in the netherlands, currently in development DCAT2-AP-NL

DCAT-AP-EU already provides SHACL shape files for validation.
DCAT2-AP-NL has an open issue for adding SHACL support here.


The SHACL standard includes a list of libraries that may be used for RDF validation using SHACL here


A cli tool has been made to make SHACL validation locally or in CI/CD easier, releases are available here.